Client Testimonials

“Axios has brought so much more than just time and monetary savings to our company, they brought peace of mind and security.”

“With Axios, we can offer our employees so much more with all of the added benefits. It is much easier to keep a competent employee.”

“By having Axios as our HR Department, I save at least five hours a week and can put that time into other areas of our business. It saves me time and money.”

Jim, Manufacturing Company

“Prior to Axios, I worried constantly that we were breaking an HR rule or regulation that I did not have time to research. With Axios, I have stopped worrying! They have proven themselves over and over that they know what they are doing. I can now focus my time on what I am supposed to be doing.”

Kim, Real Estate Company

“Axios has taken the administrative burdens away regarding; Payroll, tax filings, Workers Comp administration and management, benefits administration and assistance managing State Unemployment. Axios is on top of everything.”

Don, Lab Products Company

“Having Axios as our PEO takes a lot of stress out of my day. It frees up my time and allows me to concentrate and work on strengthening our business.”

Barb, Welding Company

“Axios has allowed our company to do what we do best. We no longer get bogged down trying to keep up with new developments and regulations in areas where we have a minimum of expertise such as Cobra, HIPPA, withholding taxes, etc.”

“Axios provides accurate, timely and up to date payrolls, payroll reports, human resource information, advice and forms.”

“The people at Axios not only are easy to work with and a source of instant assistance, but also present a positive image, obviously enjoying the work they do and the company they work for.”

Greg, Moving & Relocation Company